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Exploring Outerwear for Women

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Here at Blue Sky Co. we understand that it can sometimes become a tad bit too chilly in the hospital, or even in another laboratory environment. Working in a setting like that can be terribly uncomfortable. At Blue Sky Co., we have several options when it comes to outerwear for women; we wish we could cover them all, but here are three, just to get you started!

The Haddington Softshell Jacket

You’re bound to love this jacket. The Haddington jacket has a microfleece lining that is super soft to the touch! And it’s available in several different shades, so you can express your personal style with ease! And don’t worry about pocket space; it has that too. Two zippered pockets will hold your personal items!

The Camilla Active Softshell Jacket

Next, we have our Camilla Active softshell jacket and we know it’ll blow you away! It’s available in three different, stellar shades, and is perfect for the athlete in all of us! But don’t worry; even though we call this an active jacket, it’s still O.R compliant. So throw it on before work, or during that after work run at the gym! You’ll be so comfortable you’ll forget you’re in your work wardrobe.

The Kensington Softshell Vest

Finally, if you’re looking for something to keep you warm, but you don’t want those pesky sleeves, you can try out a vest from Blue Sky Co.! Our Kensington softshell vest is perfect for layering over your scrubs and keeping you at just the right temperature! You’ll love it so much, you’ll likely wear it after work, too!

So if you’re dreaming of a warmer O.R, head on over to Blue Sky Co. and find yourself a softshell jacket or vest to stay warm and cozy in! We have several options for both men and women. You’re bound to find something that works!

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