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When Is It Time to Replace Your Lab Coat?

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Lab coats are an essential part of your medical wardrobe and often a place of pride. However, after we’ve worn them for years and years, we begin to wear them out. How do you tell it’s time to replace your lab coat? On today’s blog, we’ve got three things for you to look out for.

Is it Too Small?

An ill-fitting lab coat is the perfect reason to purchase a new one! There’s nothing worse than a coat that just doesn’t suit you, and there’s no sense spending time in a lab coat that doesn’t fit properly, especially when you’re going for the professional look. Is your coat too small? Too tight? Only you can tell, but the best way to find out is to put it on in front of a mirror and check every angle. Lift your arms, bend down, move around, how does it feel?

Are the Seams Tearing?

Are there any signs of wear and tear on your lab coat? Ripping and tearing at the seams can be caused by daily use; it’s normal wear and tear. To retain your professional appearance, replace your lab coat with a brand new (and intact) coat! Problem solved!

Are there Armpit Stains?

Lastly, let’s check the armpits of your coat for yellow stains. Those unsightly yellow armpit stains have got to go! You can only clean a coat so many times before it’s time to say goodbye. Peruse Blue Sky Co.’s lab coats and you’re certain to find something to fall in love with!

Here at Blue Sky Co., we have only the best lab coats to offer! That’s right; our Bradford and Preston Twill lab coats are made with luxurious material (we only use the finest fabrics we can get our hands on), Protection Technology that repels and releases stains, and a cutting-edge design! You’ll love these coats just as much as we do; we’re certain of it! So go ahead and log online to our website today to view our stunning collection of medical attire

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