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Browsing Extraordinary Lab Coats From Blue Sky

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If you’re looking for a brand new lab coat with the right comfort and style to match your personality and look great on you at work, you’ve come to the right place by choosing Blue Sky Co.! We hope you won’t want to stop wearing our lab coats after you’ve tried them on. Today let’s take a look at our Preston and Bradford lab coats and you can decide which one is the best choice for you.

The Preston

Made of soft 100% cotton twill, this coat is as comfortable as it is stylish! It has a gorgeous light grey trim that makes it stand out compared to other, all white lab coats. This wonderful coat also has plenty of pocket space, making it practical for carrying several things around at work. With one chest pocket and two lower utility pockets, you’ll get to carry around everything you need for a day’s work! Now let’s take a look at what the Bradford has to offer.

The Bradford

This lovely, comfortable coat is also made of super soft 100% cotton and has Teflon Protection Technology which can repel and release a stain, keeping any stains from becoming permanent. The Bradford is all white for a simple, sophisticated look that’s sure to impress in any professional work environment. We promise that you’ll love the way you look and love the way you feel in the Bradford.

Blue Sky

When you shop with Blue Sky Co., you’ll always find what you need in our wide array of choices. And you’ll know that everything you buy form us will be durable and long-lasting. Our scrubs are also surprisingly comfortable and stylish. We promise that when you put on our one of a kind scrubs, you’ll never want to take them off! To browse our scrubs, please visit the Blue Sky Co. website.

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