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Outerwear for Women You're Bound to Love

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It’s time to suit up and head into work in your fabulous new Blue Sky Co. outerwear! Ladies, today we’re talking style layered over your scrubs. Today we’re talking outerwear for women, and all that there is to love! And, well, since we have such an extensive collection of outerwear for women, we’ll only be able to cover half of the selection. But you can view the rest on our website!

Skylar Lightweight Softshell Jacket

We’ll begin with this jacket. It’s stretchy, lightweight, and breathable! What a perfect combination. You can sport it to work, or after work!

Haddington Softshell Jacket

Available in an assortment of cute colors, the Haddington Softshell jacket is exactly what you’re looking for! Rock it in cream or try it out in scarlet; either way, we’re sure you’ll love it.

Bailey Knit Softshell Jacket

Looking for the softest, most versatile jacket around? You’ve found it here, with the Bailey Knit Softshell jacket. This scrub jacket is made to keep you comfy all throughout your shift!

Camilla Active Softshell Jacket

Ready to hit the trails? Take this jacket with you! It’s got a full zipper and differently colored panels that look fabulous! Ready to go shopping?

Black Valentina Softshell Jacket

Sleek and stylish, this jacket will perfectly suit your wardrobe! And it’s got plenty of pocket space! On the lovely Valentina jacket, you’ll find two lower security pockets, an inner left chest security pocket, as well as an outer chest pocket! Can you fill them all?

And there you have it, friends! Here are five of our jackets that we’re sure you’ll fall in love with! What’s not to love about their cozy, comfy fashion? They’re perfect for layering, or just wearing on your time off! Have a fun time shopping here at Blue Sky Co.! 

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Beginning with Classic Shelby and David Scrubs

Let us introduce you to where our scrubs first began: the Shelby and David scrubs. Both were designed with you in mind, and of course can be customized to suit your every need! But we want to delve into the specifics of everything! So stay tuned, friends! Here’s a quick break down of our Shelby [...]

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At Blue Sky Co., we know how difficult it is to keep your energy up when your work is so demanding! That’s why we’re here to lay out five different snacks you can try during your shift to keep your drive and focus in check. Stay tuned!Trail MIxPacked with nuts of all varieties, raisins, and [...]

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What's Best in a Nursing Shoe

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You Asked for it: Surgical Green

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Scrub Caps for Women: Which Suits You?

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Tall Scrubs: Find the Length You Need

Have you ever needed a longer inseam length in your scrub pants but aren’t up to customizing your scrubs? Well, Blue Sky Co. is glad to introduce you to our Tall scrub pants for women! Hopefully they fit ideally. Hopefully you love them! Below, you’ll find the details. Enjoy the read!Tall Classic Shelby Scrub PantsYou’ll [...]

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3 Common Scrub Stains and How to Remove Them

It’s no secret that it can be a challenge to keep our medical scrubs clean and pristine! So here we’ve compiled the three most common scrub stains, and how to defeat them! We’re certain that with enough elbow grease and TLC, you can defeat any stain! So let’s get started. And as always, it’s best to [...]

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