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What Are Medleisure Scrubs?

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The term “medleisure,” might be new to you. In fact, up until a short while ago, it was new to us. Blue Sky Co. offers medical scrubs in medleisure fabric and we’re here to introduce you to it, and tell you all about it! We know that you’ll find this material to be absolutely irresistible; maybe you won’t want to take your scrubs off!

What Are Medleisure Scrubs?

You’ll find this fabric constructs many of our different types of scrubwear, and we’ll show you exactly where you can find it so that you can feel it for yourself! But first, what exactly is this material we keep speaking of? Well, simply put, it’s where athletic wear meets scrubwear! It’s what makes your scrubs so comfortable and flexible?

Where Can I Find Medleisure Fabric?

Now that we’ve explained what it is, perhaps you want to try it out for yourself (at least, here at Blue Sky Co., we hope that’s the case)! You can find this type of material in the following different types of our scrubs:

Yes, it’s in our infamous Cargo Scrubs! That just makes them all the more appealing, doesn’t it? They’re super comfortable- and they have tons of pocket space to store all of your personal items!

Our Logan 2 pocket scrub top and Landon trouser pants are also made with medlesure material. They’re the perfect staple for your wardrobe; we bet you didn’t think you needed them until you wore them! Are we right?

What else is made with this marvelous medlesiure material? First, the Everly ¾ Sleeve scrub top, which will perfectly outfit you for work, and also our Sadie tunic top. This top provides the perfect amount of coverage and is very stylish!

Head on over to Blue Sky Co. today to view our entire collection of scrubwear and scrub accessories! 

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