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Learn About Our Luxurious Line of Scrubs

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Here at Blue Sky Co., we’ve taken medical scrubs to a whole new level. From the quality of our fabric to customizing your own fit, we’ve designed your favorite pair of scrubs. Comfort is our top priority- when you’re moving around all day, you need to be comfortable and not have your clothing restrict you- that’s why we’ve created medleisure wear. Let’s dive right in!

Classic Scrubs for Men & Women

Whether you choose classic Shelby scrubs or David scrubs for men, you’ll be amazed at how comfortable and stylish they are! Each scrub set is created from the world’s finest fabrics, and tailored to suit you just right. Then, there’s our customization options if you want your scrubs to fit differently.

Let’s Get Comfy

Now that you know how we prioritize comfort, check our our Logan 2-pocket scrub top. Made from the medleisure fabric we were mentioning earlier, it’s bound to be our most comfortable scrubwear yet. Don’t worry, men, we’ve got comfy options for you, too! Even though they’re not our medleisure fabric, our men’s Technical scrub pants are made from a fabric blend with polyester and spandex, so they’re stretchy and comfortable.

Scrub Caps Galore!

Moving onto more than scrubs, our scrub cap collection includes Poppy, Pixie, and Pony scrub hats. Like their names suggest, each cap suits a specific hair style (except the Poppy, which fits more like a bouffant cap). The pony holds tightly a ponytail, and the pixie is great for short hair styles. Each cap is available in a wide variety of colors and patterns- even seasonal patterns!

Professional Jackets and Vests

Last but certainly not least, our amazing softshell jackets and vests are perfect for staying warm on the way into work or during your hectic shift. They’re available in professional colors such as Jet Black and Cadet Blue. Wind-resistant and water-resistant, you’ll be warm and comfortable in any jacket or vest you choose. 

Scrub Caps in All Styles: Which Fit Is For You?

Here at Blue Sky Co., our scrub caps are designed to fit any hairstyle. It can be difficult to decide between styles when you may wear your hair differently day-to-day, so we’re here to tell you all about our Poppy, Pixie, and Pony scrub caps. Each item in our line is designed with you in mind; [...]

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Browsing Our Lab Coats and Undershirts For Medical Professionals

Here at Blue Sky Co., we do a lot more for medical professionals than just providing scrubs. We also make professional, stylish and comfortable lab coats, undershirts and much more! Today we’ll be discussing those two; lab coats and undershirts, and looking at some specific examples from our catalog to help you figure out which [...]

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Begin The Year With Group Scrub Orders

New year, new scrubs? Can we make that a “thing?” We’re here for you, at Blue Sky Co., for all of your medical scrub needs (and more). We know how crazy the process can be to group order scrubs for your hospital or medical facility so we’ve tried to make things a bit more simple [...]

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Make it Your Own: Custom Scrub Tops and Pants

On the Blue Sky Co. website, we pride ourselves on our wide selection of comfortable, affordable and attractive fabrics! But for those of you browsing our selection who can’t quite find what you’re looking for, you can even customize your own Blue Sky Scrubs!Designing Your Look and FeelWhen it comes to scrub customization, we have extensive [...]

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New Marble-Patterned Scrub Caps

They’re brand new, and they’re available in all of our ladies’ scrub caps: new marble designs! You’ll have to follow all of the links, because we think once you see them, you’ll really love them. At Blue Sky Co. we’re always trying to mix things up and keep it interesting! Let’s explore these patterns together. [...]

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Choose Your Favorite Men's Baselayer

It’s time to bundle up, fellas. Fortunately, we have the best options available to you; we have four great baselayers for men that we want you to try on! We think it’ll be the perfect accessory to your outfit, and it will absolutely complete your medical wardrobe! Let’s explore the collection and see what we [...]

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Luxe Lab Coats to Suit All Your Needs

It can be tough to find the right lab coat. This is definitely something that we at Blue Sky Co.. understand! You want the coat to fit you professionally, but you also want room to move and breathe, and of course, enough pocket space to hold all of your gadgets and gizmos. Are we hitting [...]

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Bundling Up in a Blue Sky Scrubs Jacket

It’s that time of year when the temperatures in the mornings and evenings are unpredictable; sometimes they drop low enough to where we need a jacket or long sleeve shirt! Don’t worry; Blue Sky Co. has several options when it comes to jackets for both men and women! Let’s touch base on a few of [...]

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Fall Patterns for Your Favorite Scrub Cap

Okay friends, it’s that time of year again! If you don’t already have a spooky or fall-inspired scrub cap, let’s go through our collection and pick out your new favorite! Aren’t you ready to show off a little autumn and Halloween spirit? Here at Blue Sky Co., we know we are! So let’s dive right into [...]

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