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A Rundown Of All The Classic Blue Sky Products

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At Blue Sky Co., we do everything we can to take medical wear to a whole new level of quality and comfort. That’s how we’ve managed to create scrub outfit after scrub outfit that exceeds expectations and that make our customers never want to return to their plain old scrubs again! Let’s take a closer look at just some of the classic items we’ve made here at Blue Sky, and how they can help improve your experience at work by keeping you comfy and luxurious.

The Classic Scrubs

We started it all with the Shelby and David Classic scrubs, and they’re still just as comfortable now as they were back then! They’re tailored to fit you just right, and there’s plenty of customizable options with them to give you the exact scrub outfit you’re looking for. There’s a reason we call these scrubs classic.

How To Stay Comfy

Like we said before- we prioritize your complete comfort over everything else. That’s at the very center of what we do here at Blue Sky, and it shows in the Logan 2-Pocket Scrub Top in our women’s collection. We make it with our special medisure fabric, and it may just be our most comfortable scrub top to date. For our male medical professionals looking for complete comfort, be sure to check out the Technical Scrub Pants for men. They’re made with the perfect blend of polyester and spandex, so they’re completely comfy and very stretchable.

Perfect Outerwear

Our amazing outerwear options in softshell jackets, vests and hoodies help keep you warm and add an extra bit of style to your look. They also happen to be wind and water resistant, so you’ll look great no matter what the weather is like.

Scrub Caps

Last but not least, be sure to check out our colorful and unique collection of Blue Sky scrub caps to perfectly top off any great medical outfit. To view these lovely scrub caps, or any of the other items mentioned in today’s blog, just visit the Blue Sky Co. website.

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