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Special Limited Edition Scrubs To Wear This Presidents Day

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We’re always trying to keep our products up to date, exciting and innovative here at Blue Sky Co., and as such, we like to throw some special limited edition scrubs your way every once in a while. With President's Day coming up, these new Limited Edition Shelby Scrubs are the perfect thing to wear and show your spirit for the holiday of love. We’re crushing on these President’s Day scrubs already, and we know you will too!

Shelby Scrubs With Red Stitching

The Shelby Scrubs have been an extremely popular item here at Blue Sky, and now we’re putting a unique holiday-themed spin on this time-tested Blue Sky classic. Everything our customers loved about the Shelby Scrubs is still here, so the medeisure fabric itself is still extremely comfy and stretchy, thanks to its composition of 65% polyester and 35% cotton. They’re also wrinkle and fade resistant! So no matter how many times you wash and dry these scrubs, they should keep their lovely colors and not get wrinkled. What makes these scrubs special though is the color and stitching- the top is navy blue with gorgeous red stitching on the chest pocket. The navy-blue pants similarly have beautiful red stitching on the back pockets and a light pink and red striped elastic tie. The whole scrub outfit together makes for an unforgettable look, and it gets even better if you add on a valentine-themed scrub cap!

Valentine Pixie Scrub Cap

We’re well-known for our wide range of colorful and stylish scrub caps, but this one is especially stylish if you match it with our limited edition Presidents Day scrub outfit. This red and pink scrub cap is decorated with floral designs and hearts for a truly beautiful look. To check out this lovely scrub cap, or the Limited Edition Shelby Scrubs, just visit the Blue Sky Co. website.

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