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Showing Off Your Creativity With Custom Scrubs

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You may already know that here at Blue Sky Co., we offer all kinds of comfortable and affordable scrub tops, pants, hats, lab coats and accessories. But did you know that if our scrub options still don’t give you exactly what you were looking for, you can customize your own? That’s right, you can build your very own Blue Sky scrubs online!

Custom Designing Scrubs

When you design your own custom scrubs with Blue Sky, you’ll have tons of different options of styles for both men and women, and you’ll be able to choose whatever you need for your wardrobe. Need something for a chilly hospital or cold weather outside? You can make it. Need something to help beat the heat? You can make it. No matter what you need to customize, Blue Sky has it available for you.

You’ll start by choosing the quantity of scrubs you want, then the style and size of your order. There are eight customizable size options for women and six for men. Next, you get to choose your color. We want you to look great in your new custom scrubs so there are nine color options for women and four for men. After that, you’ll be able to choose the placement and design of the pocket, as well as the length of the scrub top and the inseam of the pants. Then you can even leave special notes for the customization of your scrubs. We want to make sure everything turns out exactly how you want it!

Blue Sky Delivery

Once you’ve ordered your custom scrubs, they’ll need to be cut and sewn just for you to ensure that they match up with your specific requests. The order will take six to eight weeks, but we know that when you put on your new custom scrubs, they’ll be worth the wait! To start your custom scrubs today, please visit the Blue Sky Co. website.

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