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Holiday Patterns We Know You'll Love

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The holidays are nearing; we better get to shopping! This time of year simply calls for that (and tons of family time, of course). But here’s our good news: here at Blue Sky Co., we have several holiday-inspired patterns for your brand new scrub cap. Let us introduce you to our five favorites for this year!

Happy Hanukkah

This patternsparkles and shines and is perfect for you! If you’re ready to celebrate, we’d like to celebrate with you. Enjoy this pattern with its Midnight Blue background, and traditional Hanukkah designs overlaying it.

Star of David

The blue and white go so well together. This cap features a snowy white canvas covered in blue floral medallions, and Stars of David galore! Get it, gift it, get your hands on it now!

Wish Upon a Star

This pattern is sparkly, and certainly will stand out in the crowd! Against a light charcoal canvas, you’ll find brilliant, shining, golden stars all around. You’ll love it; we just know it.


Do you still believe in Santa and his reindeer? It’s okay, we won’t tell anyone; we know Christmas is way more fun that way. Especially for the children. This beautiful red scrub cap shows off figures of white reindeer! Find it here.

Nordic Christmas

If you’re setting up a tree this year, we hope you have loads of fun and enjoyment placing the organments on its branches! And while you’re at work, you can sport this scrub cap pattern- it has tons of ornaments, too! Red, Green, Aquamarine…

Here at Blue Sky Co., we don’t mean to make everything all about holiday shopping! There is certainly a lot of gift giving involved, as well! We think scrub caps make nifty, useful, and unique gifts. The holidays are the perfect time to give them.

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