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Do You Need Disposable Scrubs?

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In the medical industry, you’ll find scrubs everywhere. But what you’ll also find are disposable scrubs! There are many benefits to having disposable scrubs around, regardless of where you’re using them (in the hospital or at home). So let us explain what disposable scrubs are, and how they can be helpful!

All About Disposable Scrubs

It’s simple! Disposable scrubs look a lot like normal medical scrubs. The only difference is that they’re made of lightweight and fluid-resistant material. And of course, they’re disposable. You can throw them away after they’ve been used! They certainly aren’t meant to be worn many times.

Benefits to Using Disposable Scrubs

Aside from the ease of use, and the benefit of being able to throw them away, there are other advantages to wearing and having disposable scrubs! For instance, think of that traditional hospital gown that is always too revealing, uncomfortable (it provides virtually no warmth) and can sometimes cause patients to feel self conscious. Aren’t disposable scrubs a better option? They certainly fit better, at the very least!

Disposable scrubs fit patients very well because they’re actually available in various sizes. And, just like regular scrubs, you can order them in bulk for convenience.

Mental health facilities take in patients without spare clothing all the time. Disposable scrubs provide them with clothing while they wait for their clothes to be dropped off (or not at all). They can help the patient feel more comfortable, and maybe even less self conscious as they’ll be fresh and clean.

All About Blue Sky Scrubs

Here at Blue Sky Co., we strive to make a difference when it comes to medical attire. From our Classic Shelby and David scrubs, to our brand new Cargo scrubs, we want to provide you with comfortable, durable, and useful medical attire! So feel free to log on today and find your new favorite set of medical scrubs! 

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