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Dressing for Hot and Cold Weather With Blue Sky Scrubs

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As the season changes, so does the temperature, and your outfits will have to change too. When you shop at Blue Sky Co. you’ll be able to prepare for any climate, all in one place. If it’s in the middle of summer and hot outside or you’re dressing to go to the gym and work up a sweat, Blue Sky has you covered. If it’s freezing cold outside or just in the building you work in, Blue Sky has you covered. Let’s talk about the best ways to prepare yourself for these temperature changes.

Going Light for Warm Weather

For both men and women, we have a wide selection of lighter scrubwear that works great for beating the heat or for athletic activities. For men, we suggest trying out our Ajax Technical Scrub Top and Gibson Technical Scrub Pants. They’re designed to pair perfectly together, and when you put them on you’ll feel right away that they’re super comfy and lightweight! The whole outfit is also stretchy and won’t restrict your movement at all, just put them on and get active!

For women, we also have several options for lightweight athletic wear that’s both stylish and functional. Try out the Emerson Technical Top or Riley Technical Pants, but if those don’t suit you there are a bunch more options that are also stretchy, comfy and light enough for hot weather.

Bundling Up

When it comes to picking scrubwear to stay warm, it’s probably even easier than preparing for the heat! First, put on a comfy baselayer to go under your scrubs. For men, the Hampton Cotton Polo is a good choice. For women, the Tyler Hooded LS Tee will definitely help keep you warm. Then on top of your baselayer and your scrub, we have a wide selection of super comfy jackets for both women and men to choose from!

Colored Scrubs and How They Affect Your Patients

We may not think about it, but oftentimes, the outfits we wear and the colors we show off can have an impact on those around us. For those of you working in the medical industry, this includes your patients- but also your coworkers, as well! Here at Blue Sky Co., we have Shelby scrubs available [...]

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Blue Sky Co.'s Beginnings

Surely by now you’ve wondered where Blue Sky Co. came from, and how this all began! There is definitely a fun story behind all of these products that we offer, and we can’t wait to tell you all about it. So let’s take a journey through Blue Sky Co.’s beginnings, and discuss the wonderful scrubwear [...]

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Jacket or Vest? Which Will You Choose?

It’s time to get your work wardrobe ready for the fall, for cooler temperatures and longer sleeves! Don’t be intimidated; Blue Sky Co. has everything you need to get your wardrobe into shape! But which will it be this season: jacket, or vest? Both keep you warm, but it’s all up to personal preference! Let’s [...]

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Tall Scrubs: For When You Need a Little Length

We’ve all been there. You know, the place where our pants just don’t fit. It’s an uncomfortable place to be in for sure, and Blue Sky Co. totally gets it! So let’s explore our Tall scrub pants and see if we can do anything about this predicament! We have a feeling we can solve all [...]

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Lightweight Jakets: Compare and Contrast

Sometimes we need an extra layer or two in order to stay warm in the workplace. Here at Blue Sky Co., we definitely understand the plight of chilly hospitals and laboratories, which is why we have so many options for outerwear! Today we’re going to take a glance at lightweight jackets for both men and [...]

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Bundling Up For Work: Blue Sky Scarves

If you’re looking for a fashionable way to bundle up in the workplace, we’ve got it! Have you seen Blue Sky Co.’s scarves yet? We’re excited to introduce you to them today; these scarves make the perfect work (or after work!) accessory! There are three different color patterns: the Logan, the Camila, and the Skylar, [...]

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Scrub Caps for Women: Which Suits You?

Are you ready to update your wardrobe with a few brand new scrub caps? Well we’re here to help you decide which cap suits you best in fit and style! Follow the guide below to find out which cap would best fit your hairstyle, and then of course, log onto our website to view all [...]

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Do You Need to Place a Group Order?

If you’re part of a medical facility like a hospital or other establishment, you know that it can be far more convenient to order medical scrubs in bulk. Not to mention, there are perks; we’ll tell you all about them shortly! And we can assure you that when you place a group order through Blue [...]

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Lightweight and Breathable Baselayers for Men

Are you searching for that perfect undershirt to layer underneath your scrubs? It’s chilly in those hospital hallways and other laboratories; we totally get it here at Blue Sky Co.. That’s why we’ve created the most lightweight and breathable baselayers! They’re light enough to keep you going at full speed, but also provide just enough [...]

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