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Our Classic Scrubs Are Everything but Classic

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We call them our classic scrubs because they’re the originals! They’re the first scrubs that came out of Blue Sky’s oven. But they’re everything but classic, that’s for sure. Let us introduce you to our Classic David and Shelby scrubs, and you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about! Maybe you’ll even fall in love, and revamp your entire work wardrobe! Who knows! Just keep reading.

Classic Shelby Scrubs for Women

This is where it all started, friends! If you’re looking for a perfect fit and beautiful, white designer stitching, you’ve found it right here in Blue Sky Co.’s Classic Shelby scrubs! They’re lightweight, breathable, plenty movable, and when paired together, offer plenty of pocket space! These scrubs are also available in a wide variety of cool shades; which one will you choose? Whichever it is, you’re sure to rock those hospital hallways in your new scrubs!

Classic David Scrubs for Men

David scrubs are the perfect staple for your work wardrobe! They’re available in several professional shades, such as Jet Black, Navy Blue, Ceil Blue, and Slate Grey! They have a relaxed fit, will not shrink, and are even wrinkle and fade-resistant! They’re your perfect work or after-work companion. They’re the scrubs you’ve been dreaming of! And if you need something extra, they’re always customizable!

Order Classic Scrubs in Bulk

Here at Blue Sky Co., we understand the convenience of ordering medical scrubs in bulk, especially if you do it our way. So if you’re looking to stock your hospital or medical facility, Blue Sky Co. has you covered! We even offer a discounted rate if you purchase a minimum of fifteen scrub sets!

If all of this sounds interesting, go ahead and take the plunge! Dive into a world of scrubwear that’s just as comfortable as it is durable. Scrubwear that’s lightweight and breathable (for scrubs), and available in many vibrant colors! Log online today to view our entire collection. 

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