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What Are Your Favorite Summer Colors?

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Are you busy getting your work wardrobe ready for the summer? Well, we’re here to help you! Blue Sky Co. has a wide array of colors available for both medical scrubs and scrub caps. So what are your favorite summer colors? Let’s try to find out! Hopefully you’ll find a favorite along the way.

Medical Scrubs

In the medical industry, it’s typical to stick to blues and whites- but here at Blue Sky Co., we make even those colors look exciting! Blues are our favorite color for summer, as they remind us of cool ocean waters that we’d just love to dive into! But there are also bright, vibrant colors for women like Marisol Gold (a sunny yellow), Seraphina Strawberry (a lovely shade of pink), and Sunkissed Scarlet (the perfect shade of, well, scarlet!). Find these colors here, on our Shelby scrubs.

Scrub Cap Patterns for Summer

Promising Glee is a floral pattern that’s certain to suit your fancy! Against a tiffany blue background, playful, happy flowers sprout about, wanting to make you smile!

Blue Ivy reminds us of plants swaying in the summer breeze. This of course makes it perfect for the season- and for standing out in the crowd! Everyone will want to know where you bought your scrub cap!

Fowl Sanctuary is a sweet pattern that we know you’ll love right away! Lively, vibrant birds decorate this white backdrop. It’s cutesy, it’s summer-esque, and it’s perfect for you.

You can find many scrub cap patterns by logging onto our website. We wish we could cover them all! Blue Sky Co. strives to bring you the most refreshing scrubwear on the market! And that includes creating scrubwear with beautiful shades and prints! We try our hardest to perfectly accessorize your medical uniform so that you can be all set for the season! 

Perfect Patterns for Your Favorite Nurse

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Blue Sky Scrubs for Men

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How To Sterilize Your Scrubs

When it comes to washing our medical scrubs, there are many things we can do to not only keep their colors vibrant, but also keep them sterilized and ready for work! Today we’re going to cover what it takes to properly sterilize your scrubs, and show off a our line of excellent medical attire as [...]

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Women's Grey Label Pants from Blue Sky Co.

Here at Blue Sky Co., we never cut corners! We make sure all of our medical uniforms are tailored to suit your precise preferences, and we even give you the option to customize your order so that your order of medical scrubs is exactly what you’re looking for, and an eventual favorite. Below, we’ll introduce [...]

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Searching for the Perfect Scrub Hat?

During the busy hours, the constant hustle-bustle, the daily duties that keep us rushing around, it can be difficult to keep our hair pulled back and out of our way. Scrub caps are typically a requirement in hospital-settings, and traditional ones are quite plain and may not fit very well. However, you certainly have more [...]

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The Importance of Having Durable Fabric for Medical Scrubs

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