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Layering Your Scrubs to Stay Warm This Winter

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It’s only November, and we’re already shivering at Blue Sky Co.! So far it’s been a chill fall/winter season, but we’re hanging in there. How? Because we’re layering our scrubs and cozy accessories! Don’t worry; we’ll show you the ropes. You’ll have it down in no time and- no more shivering!

Start Out with a Baselayer

It’s important to wear something underneath your scrubs if you’re feeling chilly on those walks into work, or even in the halls and exam rooms! You can choose from one our many baselayers available for both men and women, from the Tyler Hooded Long Sleeve Tee, to the Hudson baselayer, we’ve got it going on!

Slip into Your Scrubs

Next, grab your scrubwear and toss it on, over your baselayer or undershirt. You have plenty of options at Blue Sky Co., from our Classic David and Shelby scrubs, to our Technical scrubs for men and women, to our petite-fitting Grey Label scrubs! Log onto our website and spend some time exploring.

Add on a Blue Sky Jacket

Finally, complete your medical scrub uniform with a jacket from Blue Sky Co.. It’s bound to keep you warm and cozy, and we have several options available to you! Most of our jackets are wind and weather-resistant, fleece lined, and made of the finest materials we could find. For women, it’s always nice to start out with the Oxford Softshell Jacket. It’s the perfect staple for any uniform. And for the fellas, well, let’s check out the Alpine jacket. It’s perfect for work, but also for your pre-work workout!

If you’re still struggling to stay warm, we have scarves for the ladies. They are available in three beautiful color options! But hopefully layering this winter will help keep you warm! As always, you should definitely log onto our website and find where these items and tons more are! 

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