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Getting a Classic Look With Classic Blue Sky Scrubs

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Here at Blue Sky, we’ve been working for years to bring people all kinds of super-comfy specialty scrubs for everything they might need in the workplace. We’ve got the Cargo Scrubs for those of you who need extra pocket space, Technical Scrubs that have extra stretch and even scrubs that you can completely customize from scratch to have all the bells and whistles you need! But sometimes you just want a scrub with a more simple, classic look and feel. Well it turns out we’ve got that too! In fact, our classic scrubs are the first ones we made! Today let’s look at our Classic Simple, David and Shelby Scrubs.

Simple Scrubs

The first classic scrubs we’ll take a look at is the Simple. These women’s scrubs are an excellent choice for anyone trying to make their wardrobe a bit more- well- simple! They have an extremely relaxing fit and slits at the hips that’ll help you move around more freely and easily. These stylish scrubs come in several colors like Jet Black, Slate Grey, Ceil Blue and Navy Blue.

David Scrubs

These men’s scrubs are made with a perfect blend of 65% polyester and 35% cotton. They’re sure to keep you comfortable and make you look sharp and professional! We know you’ll love our Classic David Scrubs just as much as we do.

Shelby Scrubs

To finish our list, we’ll look at the scrubs we first started Blue Sky Co. with! And these classics are still just as comfortable and stylish today as they were when we started! They come in a wide variety of colors and they’re guaranteed to be extremely soft!

So if a classic look and feel is what you need, these scrubs are perfect for you. But if you’re looking for something else, come check it out on the Blue Sky Co. website!

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