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3 Ways to Eliminate Pet Odor in Your Home

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If you ever have to spend time in a hospital, you’ve felt the emotional and physical strain. You’ve probably gotten closer to the hospital staff than you ever would’ve imagined, but you also don’t want to leave without properly thanking them. That’s why we wanted to touch on some of the perfect gifts to give your favorite nurse or doctor. Are you ready? Let’s dive right in!

A Lanyard with Earrings

Lanyards are great for displaying our name tags or holding our keys in a safe place, but they’re also a way to show off a touch of personal style! For this reason, we recommend gifting your nurse with a brand new lanyard from Blue Sky Co.! And wait! You haven’t heard the best part yet: we also carry matching earrings for each lanyard!

A Blue Sky Scarf

Whether it’s the Logan, Camila, or Skylar, your favorite nurse is bound to love these scarves by Blue Sky Co.. They’re stylish, sleek, and super soft! Each scarf is available in a varying pattern, so there’s plenty to choose from! You’ll have a blast picking out a brand new Blue Sky scarf for that special nurse of yours.

A Patterned Scrub Cap

Who ever said that practical didn’t make a great gift? We’d be willing to bet that your nurse is always in need of a new scrub cap! Who isn’t, with so many patterns and colors available? Blue Sky Co. has scrub caps for men, as well as the Poppy, Pixie, and Pony cap for women. Each women’s cap suits a particular hairstyle; your favorite nurse will love its fit!

Here at Blue Sky Co., we’re all about the scrubs. But we’re also all about scrub accessories! And we think these three accessories would make the perfect gift for your favorite nurse. Just log online to our website today to view these awesome scrub accessories and much, much more at Blue Sky Co.. 

How Do You Fix Fading Scrub Fabric?

The color of any type of clothing is essential. We buy clothes for their aesthetic appeal, right?Unfortunately, fabrics fade, it happens. We know it’s not what you want to hear, but not all fabric can stay vibrant forever. However, we do have some tips to help you keep your fabric from fading and restore faded [...]

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When Is It Time to Replace Your Lab Coat?

Lab coats are an essential part of your medical wardrobe and often a place of pride. However, after we’ve worn them for years and years, we begin to wear them out. How do you tell it’s time to replace your lab coat? On today’s blog, we’ve got three things for you to look out for.Is it Too [...]

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The Clear Benefits of The Tyler Hooded Long Sleeve Tee

Here at Blue Sky Co., we always try to make scrubwear that we know you’ll want to wear both at work and outside of work when you see just how comfortable and stylish it can be. We think we’ve done an exceptionally great job at that with our Tyler Hooded Long Sleeve Tee! Here are [...]

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3 Simple Tips to Help You Care for Your Scrubs

Finding your favorite pair of scrubs is one thing, keeping them bright and brand-new is another. On today’s blog, we’re giving you 3 simple tips to help you care for your scrubs and keep them looking new as long as they possibly can. It all starts before you put them on for the first time and ends [...]

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Lab Coats and Accessories From Blue Sky Scrubs

Here at Blue Sky Co., we want all of our customers to feel as comfortable as possible in their medical scrubs, and have an appearance that makes a lasting impression. That’s why we make more than just regular medical scrubs! We’ve also got lab coats and accessories to complete your outfit for maximum comfort and [...]

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Finding Medical Scrubs That Fit from Blue Sky Co.

Finding medical scrubs that are both fashionable and fitting is not always easy. If you haven’t come across our scrubs before, we’re here to tell you a little bit about them. Our line was designed to fit anyone and everyone (and yes, we really mean that). That’s why we not only offer customizable scrubs (where [...]

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How To Keep Your Scrubs Looking Colorful And New

When you purchase scrubs, lab coats, vests or any accessories from Blue Sky Co., they’ll arrive looking spectacularly colorful, vibrant and new. But, how can you keep them this way forever? Most clothes fade over time with wear and washing, so we’ve put together a few essential tips for you to keep your new Blue Sky scrubs [...]

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An In-Depth Look At The Cargo Scrubs From Blue Sky

If you’re looking for scrubs with a super-comfortable fit, soft, stretchy fabrics and multiple choices for colors and style, you’ve come to the right place with Blue Sky Co. But what if you’re looking for all of that, plus you need extra pocket space throughout the day? We’ve designed the perfect scrubs for you. Our cargo [...]

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Learn About Our Luxurious Line of Scrubs

Here at Blue Sky Co., we’ve taken medical scrubs to a whole new level. From the quality of our fabric to customizing your own fit, we’ve designed your favorite pair of scrubs. Comfort is our top priority- when you’re moving around all day, you need to be comfortable and not have your clothing restrict you- that’s [...]

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