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The Recommended Way to Care for Blue Sky Scrubs

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The best way to get your clothing (and scrubwear) to last as long as possible is to treat them as they’re meant to be treated. This means reading the instructions and ensuring that the fabrics are treated with the utmost care. Below you’ll find 3 guidelines that we recommend following in order to properly care for your Blue Sky scrubs (and keep them looking brand new as long as possible). Follow them closely and you’ll be well satisfied with the results!


It’s always best to pre-wash your scrubs after purchasing them. Pre-washing helps to properly sanitize them, and it also makes the colors pop! It helps keep them vibrant. To properly sanitize your scrubs, add ½ cup of white cleaning vinegar to the load. It’ll help kill the remaining germs and bacteria, making them completely safe to wear to work.

Line Dry

Try this, friends. Instead of tossing your scrubs in the dryer, try hanging them up to dry! It preserves their colors, their fabrics, and elongates their lifespan. This is one of the very best things you can do for your scrubs. Even if you live in an apartment, you can still rig up a clothesline on the balcony!

Tumble Dry on Low

Blue Sky scrubs do best when tumble-dried on the lowest heat setting. It’s on the care instructions for most of our scrubs; be sure to always check the care and laundry label on your scrubs for important information!

Blue Sky scrubs were built to last, but following these simple rules will help them last even longer! If you’re unfamiliar with our brand, be sure to check out our website today! There, you’ll find everything Blue Sky: from scrubs, to caps, to lab coats and more! You’re certain to find something to fall in love with, or maybe something to gift to a favorite nurse or coworker.

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