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All The Benefits of The Blue Sky Custom Scrub Process

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For a lot of us, it isn’t always easy to find clothes that fit your exact size. And when it comes to picking out medical wear, or scrubs more specifically, it may be even more difficult to find your perfect match in size and style. The pants you try on might not hug your legs and hips the right way, or your shirt is uncomfortable and too baggy. These may have been common problems for you, but with Blue Sky these are things of the past! We only want to provide you with the most luxurious and comfortable scrubwear available. And now that’s easier than ever with our option to customize a set of scrubs just for you! Here’s why custom scrubs are right for you and how our process works.

The Benefits

It's finally time to throw out that old pair of scrubs that just wasn’t cutting it anymore and replace it with some super-comfy custom scrubs. When you do get custom scrubs, you can guarantee that they’ll fit you better and be much more comfortable, thanks in large part to the fact that we use only the finest fabrics here at Blue Sky Co. The added comfort is sure to make you feel more confident at work. After all, everyone feels more comfortable and confident when they love how their outfit looks and feels.

Customization Process

When you start customizing your scrub top, you’ll pick out everything from the scrub length, color, style and of course, size. You can even choose exactly where you want your pockets and what design you want for them! These scrub tops are designed to fit you perfectly, everywhere from your arms and shoulders to your torso, so that you won’t be dealing with any discomfort during your difficult shift.

Now moving on to scrub pants. You can customize your own pocket placement, inseam length, and of course color, size and style as well! So what are you waiting for? Visit the Blue Sky Co. website today to get started!

Where to Wear Blue Sky Scrubs

If you’ve been keeping up with our blog, you know how much we care about keeping your scrubs looking new for as long as possible. However, when we designed our scrubs here at Blue Sky Co., we designed them to be stylish for many more settings than just a medical setting. Now, we’re not suggesting that [...]

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Customizing Men's Scrubs Until They Fit Just Right

We all know the struggle of scrubs that don’t fit us well! They’re uncomfortable, baggy, and they can also look unprofessional (and we definitely don’t want that!). But at Blue Sky Co., you’ll find scrubs that fit you perfectly! Why is that, might you ask? Well, because we give you the option to customize your [...]

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How to Clean Stained Scrubs

Scrubs are very well known for being clean, but it can be a struggle to keep them that way. Below we’ll provide you with a few tips for ridding your scrubs of two most common stains: blood, and hard-earned sweat.Blood StainsFortunately, scrubs are easy to clean, so bleaching is completely safe in the worst case scenario. [...]

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Comparison Shopping Medical Scrubs

Our scrub tops: Our scrub tops are perfectly cut to taper at the waist and slightly flare at the hips to accommodate all body shapes while slimming and smoothing you out. We place the pocket up top, not down on your hips which can add bulk in all the wrong places. We cut our scrub tops [...]

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