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Find Your Favorite Scrub Cap Pattern

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Now that you’ve found the perfect scrub cap for your hairstyle, let’s find the best pattern out there for you! We know we can find one; our women’s scrub caps are available in so many different, varying patterns! So to get started, here are five of our favorites:


In this first pattern, you’ll find a perfectly shaded coral canvas with a beautiful Japanese Cherry Blossom! If you like floral patterns, this one is a good one to start out with. You simply can’t go wrong with Japanese Cherry Blossoms. Isn’t that right, friends?

Insetto Coloratti

This beautiful pattern features dragonflies and butterflies over a vibrant pink canvas. Colors like purple, teal, red, white, blue, green, and yellow (almost the whole rainbow, right?) decorate these lovely insects.

Floral Essence

Floral Essence is a pattern that’s all about these beautiful buttercup flowers that decorate an aquamarine backdrop. Outlined in midnight blue for contrast, you’ll find these flowers in gorgeous shades of amber, teal, and white.

Giardino Floreale

Our next pattern is just dreamy; you’ll find a white-speckled midnight blue canvas, with flowers in shades of carnation, amber, mint, and apricot layered against it. It’s beautiful, and would look lovely with a set of navy blue medical scrubs.

Yoga Power

Are you feeling like getting your stretch on? At least, in your scrub cap. Against a caribbean background, you’ll find several different yogis, all striving for harmony and balance. If you’re into yoga, this cap is perfect for you.

There we have it, friends! Here are five of our favorite scrub cap patterns, and we’re so happy to share them with you. Maybe among our favorites, you’ve found your own favorite! Who knows? Feel free to log onto our website today to view the rest of our patterns; there are so many! 

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