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Performance Scrubs- Find a Petite Fit with Grey Label Scrubs in Austin Texas

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If you’ve never before tried out Blue Sky scrubs, we can’t help but say that you’re missing out, friends! Our scrubs and scrub accessories are definitely something to brag about- and something that will spruce up your work wardrobe. They’re made from incredibly soft (yet durable) fabrics, and are meant to last through plenty of shifts! Let’s take a glance at our collection of Grey Label scrubs, made with a slim fit in mind. They might be just what you’re looking for!

Blue Sky Co.’s Grey Label Scrubs

These scrubs were designed with a slim fit in mind. So if you’re looking for petite-fitting scrubwear, Blue Sky Co. is where it’s at! How are their fabrics? Well, they’re lightweight, breathable, and made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton. They’re comfortable and flexible, so turning tight corners of hospital hallways is no problem.They’re also wrinkle-free and fade-resistant!

These scrubs are tailored with a sleek, perfect finish. Their petite fit may be just what you need! They’re easy to care for, long-lasting, and won’t shrink!

Pair Them With an Awesome Scrub Cap

What’s better than perfectly fitting scrubs? A scrub cap to match! Find amazing scrub caps at Blue Sky Co. We have dozens upon dozens of patterns; check out these few of our favorites:

Black Damask was one of our very first patterns, but it could never go out of style. Love the contrast of black and white? This cap is perfect for you.

Cherry Sunshine looks great with a pair of tangerine scrubs and is sure to brighten your day!

Daisy Confetti is perfect for you if you love floral designs! Colorful daisies beautifully decorate this jet black canvas.

This season, check out our Grey Label scrubs and stay comfy, be impressed, and fall in love with the entire collection! You can view it online here.

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