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Lightweight Jakets: Compare and Contrast

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Sometimes we need an extra layer or two in order to stay warm in the workplace. Here at Blue Sky Co., we definitely understand the plight of chilly hospitals and laboratories, which is why we have so many options for outerwear! Today we’re going to take a glance at lightweight jackets for both men and women, and find out all that they have to offer!

Lightweight Jackets for Women

Let’s talk lightweight jackets for women, first. We’re starting off with the Skylar Lightweight Softshell Jacket! It’s the perfect trifecta of soft, stretchy, and comfy. It’s wind and water resistant, has 4 way stretch for ultimate, unrestricted movement, and has plenty of pocket space!

Next, we have our Chessington Lightweight Stretch Jacket! It’s the perfect work or after-work jacket. It also has the 4 way stretch fabric for mobility; you’ll be able to move wherever you please! This staple of a jacket is available in professional colors such as black, charcoal, and navy blue!

Lightweight Jackets for Men

For men, we’ll start off with our Hunter Lightweight Softshell Jacket. Let’s talk pocket space when it comes to this jacket. You’ll have plenty of it; our Hunter jacket has one chest pocket and two lower utility pockets to hold all of your essentials! It’s the perfect layer for your work wardrobe.

Lastly, Blue Sky Co. has the Cooper Jacket, available in black, charcoal, and navy blue. It’s highly breathable and has semi-elastic cuffs for your comfort! Your sleeves will stay out of your way while you do what you do best. We definitely recommend this jacket!

Don’t forget; Blue Sky Co. has many other options when it comes to jackets and outerwear. Stop by our website today to view the rest of our amazing collection of medical attire! We promise you won’t be disappointed, and we hope you find everything you need! 

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Solids or Patterns: What's Your Preference?

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