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Keep Cool in Blue Sky Scrubs

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We may be at the start of Spring, but Summer is well on its way, and both seasons tend to get pretty warm at times. Your scrub uniform should be able to keep you cool and comfortable throughout your shift, and on your way into work. At Blue Sky Co., not only are our medical scrubs made with the most soft, luxurious fabrics around the world, but they’re also lightweight and breathable, which we hope will help you out this season.

Breathable Fabric for the Entire Collection

Whether you’re purchasing our classic Shelby Scrubs, our Grey Label scrubs, David, or Sullivan scrubs, you’ll be pleased with how they fit and feel. Not to mention, if you’re concerned about a certain aspect of their fit, or the scrubs themselves, we offer the option to customize your scrubs until they’re absolutely perfect for you!

Lightweight Undershirts from Blue Sky Co.

Don’t fret over layers this Spring or Summer. If you’re cold during your shifts (hospital environments tend to be chilly in order to cut down on germs and bacteria), then by all means, keep it long sleeved. But if the case is the opposite, our Aston Stretch Polo may be perfect for you! It looks perfect with any pair of scrub pants, and is so comfortable you’ll likely wish to wear it on the weekends as loungewear! That’s fine with us- as long as you’re pleased.

At Blue Sky Co., we don’t have any doubts at all about keeping you comfortable this season. Just place your order and as you eagerly await its arrival, imagine how professional and at ease you’ll feel during those long, tiring shifts. Don’t wait- log on today and order your new set of medical scrubs, or your new lightweight, breathable undershirt!

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