Tackling Tough Stains On Your Scrubs

Tackling Tough Stains On Your Scrubs

Stains are often inevitable, especially when you’re constantly on-the-go. As a medical professional, it’s safe to say that your days are filled with time consuming tasks, procedures, and most likely exhaustion- so cleaning up that freshly spilled lunch waiting to stain is probably not on your priority list. Don’t worry, we’re here from Blue Sky Co. to help you with a few quick tricks to keep your scrubs stain-free!

Our Tips and Tricks to Tackling Stains

One of the easiest (and quickest) ways to remove a stain before it sets is probably right in your office (or near it)- hydrogen peroxide! Just pour the peroxide onto a wet stain, let it sit, and rinse it with cool water! The stain should come right out- especially if it’s blood or something similar.

Next, we always suggest keeping a stain stick on-hand or somewhere around the facility. They’re also small enough to fit in those scrub pockets if you’re prone to spills and want to be able to grab a stain stick real quick.

Last, if you’re dealing with a big mess, the best solution is to keep a couple pairs of back-up scrubs at work. That way, you’ll be able to rinse your dirty scrubs immediately, removing anything that could stain, until you’re able to toss them in the wash. Trust us, those back-up scrubs will really come in handy one day (even if you don’t think they will).

About Blue Sky Co.

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