Style to Suit the Season: Summer Shades for Shelby Scrubs

Are you gearing up for the season? Whether you’re purchasing just one new scrub set for your wardrobe, or you’re replacing said wardrobe, we have the best shades for summertime! Here are five of our favorites over at Blue Sky Co., and we know you’ll love them just as much as we do!

Marisol Gold

Here at Blue Sky Co., we love this shade because it reminds us of the bright sunny summers we enjoy the most. It’s golden-yellow hue gives off a joyful and jubilant vibe! Who knows? Your Marisol Gold Shelby scrubs could put a smile on someone’s face!


Peacock is a brilliant shade that’s close to aquamarine, with more vibrance! It’ll remind you of a cool summer’s pool, one that you could float around in for hours (it seems). Your scrubs will look great, and you, consequently, will look fabulous.

Chloe Jade

If you need a soothing summer shade, we believe Chloe Jade is where it’s at. Shelby scrubs look fantastic in this color, especially when paired with a Blue Sky baselayer! You’ll love your look, and your look will love you.

Pink Sorbet

Do you enjoy a frozen scoop of ice cream on a hot summer’s day? This color will certainly help you to picture it! Pink sorbet is soft, soothing, and lovely. Enjoy your brand new Shelby scrubs in this shade!


Turquoise definitely reminds us of the bottom of a swimming pool. It shouts summer! If you’re ready for a break from all of the crazy and the hustle, dive into these scrubs! This shade will calm and relax you.

We really can’t brag enough about our Blue Sky scrubs! They’re durable, comfortable, movable, and vibrant, too! Shelby scrubs are available in several different shades, so be sure to check them out when you stop by our website