Stretchy, Breathable and Super Comfortable Technical Scrubs For Men

We’re so happy with the feedback we’ve been receiving about our technical scrubs lately, and we know all of our hard work paid off when we designed these scrubs. They’re the perfect combination of athletic wear and medical wear, and they look amazing when you put them on! On today’s blog, let’s check out our technical scrubs uniforms for men; the Ajax scrub top and the Gibson scrub pants.

Ajax Top

The Ajax Scrub Top is guaranteed to make you more comfortable, and add a whole new level of flexibility to your scrub uniform. It's made of a blend of 94% polyester and 6% spandex, giving it an extra stretch that most scrub tops don’t have, allowing for more comfortable movement, and making it an excellent choice to wear while you’re working out! To complete the outfit and give yourself maximum comfort, try adding on a comfy base layer or a stylish lab coat from our collection!

Gibson Pants

Now that you know just how amazing the Ajax top is, we need to tell you all about the perfect pair of scrub pants to go with it. The Gibson Technical Scrub Pants were designed to be the perfect match for the ajax, and you’ll know what we mean as soon as you put them on! They’re extremely comfortable and stretchy, just like the ajax. They’re also made with a blend of polyester and spandex, but they’re 100% comfortable!

More Info On Blue Sky

Having the right outfit on at work can sometimes make the difference between a good shift and a bad shift. When you’re uncomfortable or aren’t totally confident in the way your outfit looks, it can seriously affect your work. But when you pop on Blue Sky scrubs, you’ll look and feel great and your entire work experience can improve! To see what we mean, just visit the Blue Sky Co. website and take a look at our collection and feel free to pick out these technical scrubs mentioned above, or any of the amazing scrubs we offer!