Express Yourself With These Five Beautiful Patterns

Express Yourself With These Five Beautiful Patterns

What better way to express that great personal style you have than with a medical scrub cap to go with your uniform? At Blue Sky Co., we have tons upon tons of different patterns for both men and women alike! Step into our closet by visiting our website, and until then, take a glance at these five perfect scrub cap patterns! They’re beautiful, their colors are dashing, and we know that making decisions won’t be easy!

Allura is a beautiful pattern of peculiar, drawn flowers that are in colors of red, amber, brass, and aquamarine. They splash happily across a white background! This cap would look great with a pair of crimson wine, or aquamarine scrubs! Enjoy.

Fantasy is another one of our favorite scrub cap patterns! You’ll love it, too. It features large blooming flowers of shades of pink, blue, green, white, and yellow. It’s pretty, and perfect for you.

Hexagon Bliss features a cream canvas decorated by red, tangerine, orange, and pink sorbet hexagons. They look great with either tangerine or pink scrubs!

Feel like standing out in those white hospital walls? Lady Danger may be the pattern for you! This red and white houndstooth pattern is surely one of our favorites. Let it be yours.

And finally, Honeycomb Land is much like our Hexagon Bliss, only in different colors! Instead of red, orange, and tangerine, you’ll find this pattern with hexagons in different shades of green. We know you’ll love it!

And it doesn't stop there, friends. We have more than just scrub caps! We also have medical scrubs (you may have guessed that one), lab coats, lanyards, and so much more! Just visit our website today- you won’t regret it! From all that we have to offer, you’re bound to find exactly what you’re looking for.