Stay Classy in Blue Sky's Shelby Scrubs- Designed In Austin Texas

Stay Classy in Blue Sky's Shelby Scrubs- Designed In Austin Texas

Blue Sky Co. is proud to offer a line of excellent, perfectly fitting medical scrubs that not only look professional and stylish, but last much longer than other brands. We want our customers to feel comfortable as they work, especially in a setting where hours are long and shifts are strenuous! And the scrubs they fall in love with? We want them to last. So with that, we introduce you to our line of Classic Shelby scrubs. We know you’ll fall in love!

The Perks of Wearing Blue Sky’s Shelby Scrubs

Not only will you look fantastic in our line of Shelby scrubs, but you’ll feel great too! The fabric for these scrubs is made of cotton and polyester, and are so soft you’ll want to wear them outside of work! They also feature beautiful white designer stitching that looks great no matter your chosen color, and a front utility pocket to hold your smartphone or prescription pad. We provide luxury scrubs for men and women. 

The hourglass shape that our Shelby scrubs offer will feel flattering and comfortable at the same time. The scrub bottoms will give you a professional, distinguished look that you’ll fall in love with! And of course you’ll have plenty of pocket space, as the pants offer two more utility pockets. Just add your favorite accessory, and you’ll be suited up in the most stylish outfit this summer.

Stylish Scrub Hats for Summer

Nothing goes better with your Shelby scrubs than a stylish scrub hat from Blue Sky Co.! Our Poppy, Pixie, and Pony scrub hats are designed to fit each hairstyle, and keep you cool and comfy this summer. They’re made with incredibly soft material and are available in tons of different colors and patterns- including holiday patterns! So find your style and pick out the perfect set of Shelby scrubs, and a scrub hat to match!