Start Off on the Right Foot: Finding Great Nursing Shoes

Start Off on the Right Foot: Finding Great Nursing Shoes

You’re on your feet a lot. You’re pounding the flooring to get to room to room, patient to patient. Your feet need some type of cushioning on your feet, or you could find yourself in back pain, foot pain, and knee pain! Today we’re going to discuss the factors you need to look for in your next pair of nursing shoes to keep your feet happy and healthy. Let’s start the year off on the right foot, in the right shoes!


You definitely want your shoes to be comfortable! Runner’s shoes tend to have the best cushioning; find a shoe with a cushioned sole. Some shoes have memory foam; just make sure they have good support and grip, too! Above all, find a shoe you’ll want to wear because it supports you so well.

Personal Preference

Now let’s talk style. What do you like? What do you want out of your nursing shoes? Here’s where you get to decide what your shoes are going to say about you. There’s no pressure! Just find what you like, and make sure the shoes fit the other criteria. This is probably the most fun part of shoe shopping!

Grip and Support

Lastly, we’ll talk grip and support. Because you’ll be walking briskly through crowded hallways, you’ll need shoes with adequate grip! That, or you’ll risk a twisted, rolled ankle, or other injury (you could easily slip and fall). Make sure your new nursing shoes have great support and grip so that you can pace safely through your work environment!

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