Spruce Up Your Scrubs: 5 Ways to Keep Them Clean

Spruce Up Your Scrubs: 5 Ways to Keep Them Clean

You love your scrubs, and you want them to stay as clean as they were the first day you brought them home! But how do you keep them so clean? Well, follow these five simple guidelines, and it’ll be a piece of cake.

Start with Quality Stretch Scrubs

Start with only the best scrubs, preferably scrubs from Blue Sky Co.! By starting off with high quality scrubs you’re starting off on the right foot! Blue Sky scrubs are made durably and comfortably. They’re also wrinkle and fade resistant, making them very easy to care for!

Pre-Wash Your Scrubs

When you first purchase your scrubs, it’s best to give them a good pre washing! Add extra water to the load to give them more space to move around, and ½ a cup of white vinegar to properly sanitize them.

Remove Stains on the Go

Accidents happen every day, and we can’t help them. But we can keep a stain stick in our locker, and maybe even a bottle of hydrogen peroxide for blood stains! Wash your scrubs immediately after your shift, for best results.

Keep Your Surgical Scrubs at Work

By keeping your scrubs at work you won’t expose them to germs and bacteria. And you certainly won’t wear them into places where you can pick up even more stains!

Separate Colors from Whites

We know, this one sounds like common sense, but all too many times, we’re too busy to take the time to separate our clothing by color before tossing them into the wash. However, doing so can protect the colors in your scrubs, and keep them looking as vibrant as ever!

These tips should help your scrubs stay in tip top shape! Just like the day you bought them. And don’t forget to view Blue Sky Co.’s collection of scrubwear and accessories; we know you’ll be impressed with what we have to offer.