Springtime Colors for Your New Scrub Collection

Springtime Colors for Your New Scrub Collection

While we’re heading into the new season, let’s try to distract ourselves from the woes of pollen and cedar allergies, shall we? Let’s talk of our favorite thing: medical scrubs from Blue Sky Co.! Since it is a new season, it’s time to update your wardrobe, and we have the perfect colors to add to your collection. Below, we’ll highlight said colors, and talk about why our medical scrubs are superior to other brands. Sounds festive and fun, right?

Chloe Jade

Jade is often associated with good luck charms. Admittedly, we’re not sure if these scrubs will bring you luck or not, but our Chloe Jade scrub tops and bottoms sure look amazing against the dull, bland, white hallways of your hospital. And they’ll add a dash of brightness to your medical uniforms! Lime green is the perfect shade for Spring, and we know you’ll love sporting the color.

Marisol Gold

Nothing brightens a morning like sunshine (quite literally)- and that’s exactly what this shade reminds us of. This cheerful set of scrubs is the perfect ‘cup of coffee, shot of espresso’ for your wardrobe! It’s radiant, sunny, and accented with our bright white shelby stitching. Add a dash of color to the hallways in this shade, and enjoy the luxurious feel of classic Shelby scrubs.

Seraphina Strawberry

This vibrant top is the most perfect shade of pink, and a flawless addition to your springtime wardrobe. Suited for our classic Shelby uniforms, this shade of scrubs will certainly brighten your day, and cause your coworkers to turn their heads, asking “Where did you find such a lovely outfit?”

Our classic Shelby scrubs are made of the softest fabric we could find, and superior stitching that holds them together for many shifts to come. You’ll love the hourglass shape, the many utility pockets, and especially the ability to customize your scrubs to suit your specific needs.