Spring Fashion: Find the Brightest Scrubs Around

Spring Fashion: Find the Brightest Scrubs Around

It’s our favorite time of year! Well, for some of us. Spring is the season of bright, energetic, true colors, and we love to incorporate these colors into our medical uniforms. Wearing bright colors can even impact the moods of our patients and coworkers, so let’s take a look at some of the cool shades that are available at Blue Sky Co.!

Classic Shelby Scrubs in All Colors

Don’t be shy! Try our Classic Shelby scrubs in these bright, attention-grabbing colors such as Carnegie Green, Tigerlily, or Marisol Gold! We have no doubt that you’ll look gorgeous, and your patients will love the bright, vibrant colors too!

Shelby scrubs are named classic for a reason- they’re named after Blue Sky Co.’s creator, and they fit flawlessly- making them a favorite among customers. They’re tailored with an hourglass shape and feature our bright white, designer stitching. They’re also made to be wrinkle and fade-resistant, making your washing process a whole lot more convenient! They’ll last longer than other scrubs, and will fit far more comfortably.

Gorgeous Scrub Hats to Match

Don’t stop there! Blue Sky Co. makes scrub caps in many different colors and patterns; you’ll love every single one! This Chain Reaction scrub hat features beautiful shades of purple, lavender, and grey. Or try out our Cherry Sunshinescrub cap- it’s bound to bring a smile to your face as well as your patients’. All patterns are available in all three styles of scrub hats- the poppy, the pixie, and the pony, and they’ll look great with your new, vibrant Classic Shelby scrub sets.

Whether you’re looking for a new scrub cap to match your scrubs, or you’re replacing your scrub sets all together, we’re certain you’ll find what you’re looking for throughout our impressive collection of scrubs. Log onto Blue Sky Co.’s website today and open up your wardrobe to bright, beautiful colors!