Spend Your Summer in Scrubs: Other Uses for Scrubwear in Austin, Tx

Spend Your Summer in Scrubs: Other Uses for Scrubwear in Austin, Tx

When you find a great set of scrubs, you don’t want to let them go! It’s like having a favorite sweater, or a perfectly fitting pair of jeans. No matter how worn they become, well, you still want to wear them! That’s perfectly normal- and we want to show you how you can easily repurpose your old scrub sets so that you can enjoy them longer!

Cleaning Day

Retired scrubs are perfect for cleaning/chore day! Especially if you’re using harsh chemicals like bleach. When it comes to repurposing old scrubs, it doesn’t matter if they get stained along the way- that’s the beauty of it!

Working on the Car

Why dirty up your street clothes with dirt, grease, and grime, when you can protect them with a pair of retired scrubs? Just put them on over your clothes, or wear nothing but- and you’ll be fine! No one will know the difference.

Washing the Pets

What better way to shield yourself from mud and soap than by wearing scrubs? Your pet won’t notice the difference, but you will. When you’re finished, toss them in the washing machine and notice how clean and dry your street clothes are. Amazing!


Mowing the grass and gardening is great to do in an old set of scrubs- especially in the summertime when the grass is growing like a weed! Blue jeans are stifling in the summer heat, and why stain them green?

We’ve talked a lot about old, worn scrubs, but not much about new, modernized medical attire! At Blue Sky Co., we have exactly that- the scrubs you want to wear to work. The scrubs you can’t live without. Log online today to our website, view our collection, and you’ll know precisely what we’re talking about!