Solids or Patters: Which Do You Prefer?

Solids or patterns! Which do you prefer to wear with your scrub uniform? Here at Blue Sky Co., we offer many selections of both solids and patterns; it can be difficult to make a decision! But we’re here to help. Below, you’ll find a few of our favorite solids and patterns- and we hope it helps you decide which suits you best!

Blue Sky Co. Solids

Jet Black is the perfect starter shade if you’re buying your first scrub cap, or looking for a staple scrub cap for your wardrobe. It’s bold, and really stands out with a pair of slate grey David scrubs!

Are you looking for a sleek, professional shade? Navy Blue is where it’s at! This staple of a scrub cap belongs in your work wardrobe; it’s been waiting for you all along!

Slate Grey is a light shade of grey that’s absolutely perfect for you! It’s a lighter grey that goes with just about anything, especially a pair of jet black scrubs!

Blue Sky Co. Patterns

Our first pattern, Blue Ivy is best for those who love shades of blue or dreams of vines swaying in the ocean breeze! These blue vines of various shades are bound to put a smile on your face.

Another scrub cap pattern for women, Ballerina Garden, features a soft pink backdrop with blossoms in carnation pink, white, red, and mint.

Finally, we have our men’s pattern, Hathaway Plaid! It’s shades of navy, scarlet, and kelly green are sure to become to the talk of your hallways!

And there you have it, friends! Just a few of our favorite things. At Blue Sky Co. you can count on quality scrubwear that you’ll enjoy wearing to work, and maybe even after work or on the weekends! Just wait and you’ll soon see: if you go with Blue Sky Co., you won’t be able to go back!