Solids or Patterns: What's Your Preference?

Solids or Patterns: What's Your Preference?

While the style of medical scrubs is relatively similar across the board (with minor customization changes) the best way to express yourself through your scrubs is with colors and designs.

And - with all of the choices across the industry, it’s a wonder how anyone can decide what to wear!

So, what’s your fabric design preference? Do you lean more towards solid colors or intricate patterns and designs?

Attention-Grabbing Patterns

Bright, intricate patterns and designs are not just attention-grabbing (in the best way), but also incredibly uplifting for the environment and people around you.

If you’re one to spice it up every now and then, Blue Sky Scrubs has quite the collection for you.

If you work with kids, bright designs are always a good idea! That’s also why many hospitals with color-coding regulations have pediatric staff wear bright scrubs - it’s sure to liven up the room.

Rich Solid Colors

Solid colored scrubs are made with deep, rich-colored fibers. Solid colors are typically required with color-coding regulations, but they also give off a calming and professional feel.

Often times, medical staff wear dark, rich solid-colored scrubs (especially when dealing with patients who are recovering from surgery or other procedures).

Comfort: The Ultimate Priority

Now, aesthetics are certainly important for a multitude of reasons. However, above everything else, the ultimate priority is your comfort throughout the day. In fact, studies have shown that an increase in employee comfort results in an increase in work performance (and patient care).

So, next time you’re looking for a new pair of scrubs (or, if you’re ready to retire your current wardrobe) - don’t forget about Blue Sky Scrubs. We’ve got you covered whether you’re purchasing a few pairs for yourself or dozens for a hospital!