Solids and Patterns to Suit in Your Style

Solids and Patterns to Suit in Your Style

Today we’re here to talk about solids and patterns for men’s scrub caps! And here you thought that Blue Sky Co. had shown you all we had to offer! That can’t be true; there’s always a piece of our collection left to explore. So let’s jump right into men’s scrub hats and try to find you a new lucky cap! We’ll start off with patterned caps and move onto solids later.


Here’s our first pattern, Dante Plaid. It features a dark black canvas with checkers of green, royal blue, deep red, and white. It looks perfect with any scrub uniform! Complete your medical wardrobe by logging online to our website today.

Field Jacket Plaid is a very traditional style of plaid that is sure to stand out in any OR! You’ll look masculine and generally fantastic sporting this amazing scrub cap!

Hammond Stripe features off white stripes that stand out against a ceil blue background. This vintage pattern is perfect for your navy blue scrubs! It even looks great with slate grey!


Right off the bat, we have Navy Blue, a tried and true color that looks great with your scrubs. Whether they’re ceil blue, navy blue, or slate grey, this color will match, that’s for sure!

Jet Black is dignified and professional. This color looks great with set of David scrubs in either matching jet black, or even slate grey! This color has always represented authority and confidence. Let your work uniform inspire you to be the best you can be!

Whether you’re in search of a new set of scrubs, a scrub hat, or even a lab coat or jacket, Blue Sky Co. has it! And more. We can’t wait for you to upgrade your wardrobe. Consider logging online today to view our stunning collection of medical scrubs and scrub accessories!