Slim Nursing Scrubs For Medical Professionals

Slim Nursing Scrubs For Medical Professionals

Finding the perfect pair of scrubs is surprisingly difficult! You want them to be affordable, but also durable- you’d prefer for them to last far beyond their initial wash! And you want them to represent your personal style... without worrying about a write up.

So when you finally find that perfect pair, you wonder how, exactly, to make your scrubs last as long as possible. Here are a few tricks and tips to cleaning and storing your scrubs so that you don’t lose your favorite pair right when you fall in love with them.

Washing & Drying

When it comes to washing your scrubs, colors will need to be separated just as any other clothing item! Dark colors should be washed in cooler water to enhance vibrant shades and patterns. Whites, however, can be washed in hot water; a cup of bleach or vinegar may be sufficient.If you want to go the extra mile to prolong their life, turn them inside out and hang them up to dry to avoid any potential wrinkles. But if that seems too much, be sure to grab a pair of Blue Sky’s no-wrinkle scrubs to make life a little easier!


So now that they’re clean, how do you store them?

We like to say it’s best to only wear your medical scrubs while you’re working. This means you’ll have to store them in a sterile container in the interim, though. Consider keeping them inside a plastic bag until you’ve made it to work.

However, if you’re stretched for time, there are many other ways to protect your scrubs. For instance, when you’re not wearing a certain collection, store them in a clean plastic bag and hang them in the closet. Not only will they remain safe, but when you take them out again next season… they’ll still look their best!

Ultimately, there’s no need to fret over losing your favorite pair of Blue Sky medical scrubs! Instead, utilize these tips, and help your scrubs last longer, and look fabulous!