Sizing Your Scrubs

Sizing Your Scrubs

It’s no secret that dressing professionally includes wearing the correctly sized uniform! You want your work attire to fit you snugly so that extra material isn’t interfering with your routine, and so that you don’t look too comfortable for the workplace. However, despite knowing this, it can still be challenging to figure out what size fits your body type the best. It’s always wise to reference sizing charts if they are available to you. But in some cases, to determine which size designer scrubs to purchase, you’ll have to do the measuring yourself! Blue Sky co. also sells four styles of scrub hats

To improve the accuracy of your results, remember to wear little to no clothing, and to lie the measuring tape comfortably against your skin. There’s no need to pull or tighten the tape as this will only skew the measurements.


We suggest working from the top down. Start by measuring your chest. Wrap the measuring tape around the fullest part of your bust, making sure to include your shoulder blades. Be sure to record the exact measurements, even if you think you want more space in your scrub top.


Now measure the fullest part of your hips. Remember to stand with your heels touching.


Now relax, and measure your waistline. Your scrubs will likely include a drawstring that will allow you to tighten your bottoms, if you ever need to. So again, write down your exact measurements.


This measurement will determine how long your scrub pants will need to be. With you tape measure, measure the length from your waistline, to the bottom of your foot. You might want to double check this one. Sometimes our posture can make us seem shorter than we actually are!

For more assistance in sizing your scrubs or to view sizing charts for our products, visit our website at! At Blue Sky Scrubs, we understand the importance in dressing professionally. We want your work uniform to fit you better than any other piece of clothing you own!