Simplifying Your Group Order Experience With Blue Sky Co.

We try to put ourselves in our customer’s shoes and make things as simple and convenient for you as we can here at Blue Sky. We want it to be easy to put on a pair of Blue Sky scrubs and feel great, but we also want the ordering process itself to be comfortable and easy for you. We know that big group orders for multiple people or even a whole hospital staff can be stressful, so here’s how we’ve simplified it for you:

Corporate Account Specialist

Other scrub providers out there probably have group ordering processes, and they may even claim that it's easy and simple. But here at Blue Sky we do something a little different. We actually assign a corporate account specialist to oversee your specific order and make sure everything turns out exactly how you need it! With our specialist on the job, you won’t have to worry about your large order getting mixed up with scrubs you didn’t order or anything like that! Just tell our specialist what you need and you’ll be taken care of. Before you know it, your whole medical team will have super comfy new scrubs to wear!

Other Advantages of Blue Sky

On top of our corporate account specialists to help you have a seamless group ordering experience, there are tons of other benefits for choosing Blue Sky for your scrubwear needs. First of all, we use only the finest fabrics available in our scrubs, and they’re guaranteed to be comfortable, breathable and stretchy. They’ve also got plenty of pocket space to help you carry what you need! Not to mention, our scrubs are great for layering with a lab coat on top. Oh, and since we brought up the lab coats, we should also mention that those come with Teflon Protection Technology- which repels and releases all stains to keep your outfit looking fresh and clean all day! Now that you see what our scrubs have to offer, what are you waiting for? Make your group order or just a personal order by visiting the Blue Sky Co. website.