Should You Wear Your Scrubs After Work?

When it comes to working in a hospital or other medical facility, there aren’t too many outfits that are perfect for wearing both at work and outside of work. Thinking of going out for a drink after work? Scrubs won’t necessarily be the best attire, depending on where you go, of course. But there definitely are some places you can go with your scrubwear where it’ll be not only appropriate, but beneficial! Today on this blog we’re going to list a few of them, so keep reading to find out!

Is It Sanitary?

There’s really only one concern you should have here, when it comes to wearing your medical scrubs after work, and that’s sanitization. You obviously don’t want to wear dirty scrubs out in public anyway, but it still has to be said! As long as your scrubs have been thoroughly and properly sanitized, you should be able to wear them wherever you please. So before you head out, be sure to toss them in the washer or change into a fresh pair!

Cleaning Around The House

If you don’t want to wear your scrubs out in public, you can always wear them around the house! There are many good uses for scrubwear around your home. Cleaning is the best option. You’ll never have to worry about bleach or other chemicals getting on your regular clothes. You could always wash or work on the car, bathe your pets, or indulge in a day of DIY projects and arts and crafts.

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