Secret Pockets? The Perfect Addition to Medical Scrubs

Secret Pockets? The Perfect Addition to Medical Scrubs

The more pockets you have, the better, right? Here at Blue Sky Co., we certainly think so! Our scrubs are notorious for having plenty of pocket space, and we even let you customize the little details like pocket placement and pocket stitching! But believe it or not, we have even more to offer you… just keep reading!

Pockets on David Scrubs and Shelby Scrubs

Aside from a special secret pocket (we’ll tell you all about that later on!), our classic Shelby and David scrubs each have one chest utility pocket on the scrubs tops, and two pockets on the backside of the pants. That’s a lot of pocket space already, and we’re just getting started! These pockets are great for your stethoscope or other gadgets.

An Extra Layer of Pockets

Have you ever thought of how you can add additional pockets to your scrub uniform, without customizing your scrubs? It’s simple! Grab a lab coat! Our Bradford Twill and Preston Twill lab coats have one chest pocket each, and two lower utility pockets. With this extra layer of space for all of your knick knacks, we almost can’t count how many pockets that is total! Just kidding… we can, and we’re excited about it!

Secret Pockets

As we briefly mentioned before, our scrubs have a secret pocket on the inside of the tops! This hidden pocket is absolutely perfect for holding your rings and other jewelry, and even your wallet, or other personal items! Secret pockets are more secure, as they can’t be accessed from the outside; your jewelry will stay put, and hidden, too!

Blue Sky Co. is known for revolutionizing scrubwear, and that’s what we’re doing here with our pockets and secret pockets! So get out there, find your perfect set of scrubs, and enjoy all of that pocket space!