Searching for the Perfect Scrub Hat?

Searching for the Perfect Scrub Hat?

During the busy hours, the constant hustle-bustle, the daily duties that keep us rushing around, it can be difficult to keep our hair pulled back and out of our way. Scrub caps are typically a requirement in hospital-settings, and traditional ones are quite plain and may not fit very well. However, you certainly have more options! At Blue Sky Co., we’ve created three fabulous styles of medical scrub hats to help you out- keep your hair out of the way, stay comfy, and show off a bit of personal style!

The Pony Scrub Hat

The Pony hat was the first of our three scrub hats to be created. This scrub hat is perfect for- you guessed it, the ponytail-wearer! It’s a slim-fitting hat with a tie back for either a short or long ponytail. It’s created for exactly what you need.

Try the Pony scrub hat out in neat, creative patterns such as Ablaze, or Bella! We’re certain you’ll fall in love with this scrub cap- Always and Forever.

The Pixie Scrub Hat

If you’re sporting a shorter haircut, you likely can’t fit into the Pony. The Pixie hat is perfect for you, especially in this beautiful pattern called Chain Reaction, a geometric pattern that will certainly put a smile on your patients’ faces (and make all of your coworkers jealous). Fellas if you’re reading this, don’t fret- Shelby (our creator) has sewn a pattern for you, as well.

The Poppy Scrub Hat

The poppy scrub hat can either be worn as a regular bouffant cap, or it can hold your ponytail. This cap is great for long, thick hair (just imagine the relief of having it completely out of your way). Our beautiful patterns are available for all three styles, but check out this adorable Chartreuse pattern!

Like what you see? View the rest of our infamous collection online today!