Scrubs: Suitable for More than Just the Workplace

Scrubs: Suitable for More than Just the Workplace

When your scrubs are worn out and no longer professional enough to be suitable for the workplace, instead of throwing them out, consider recycling them! That’s right; scrubs are useful for far more than just the workplace. We want you to the absolute most out of your scrubs, so here are a few ideas as to what to do with them once your uniform simply can’t be seen in public.


We work hard at what we do to bring you fashionable, custom scrubs, and we’re thrilled to inform you that scrubs also make wonderful pajamas. Doesn’t that make perfect sense? And here’s another tip: the more you wear your scrubs, the softer the fabric will become, and the more comfortably you will sleep.


Jeans and work pants are often made of heavy materials that can be all but suffocating on a warm day when you’re working outside the yard. Sometimes the legs become tainted with green, and we must throw them out or into a corner in our closets. Scrub pants, however, are light, cool, and leave space to move around in. They’re easy to replace, and easier to wash! You can even loosen them with a drawstring. They’re perfect for mowing the lawn, weeding the garden, or raking the leaves!


Painting and crafting can be a spill and stain catastrophe! Why risk ruining your favorite outfit? Why spend money on knockaround clothing to only wear when you have the night off to tackle your next DIY project? Your worn out scrubs are perfect for the job. This includes stained and slightly torn scrubs.

Now we’ve convinced you that it’s almost never necessary to throw away your scrubs. With how durable and long lasting our scrubs are, Blue Sky Scrubs is positive that your medical wardrobe will last longer than you ever thought it would!