While the medical industry may be advanced, if there’s one thing they’ve been behind on, it’s apparel. The first scrubs to hit the market were unisex, boxy numbers—and hardly attractive, leaving medical professionals with few options for their scrub uniforms.

But that’s all thankfully in the past. Working in the medical field is no longer an excuse to dress in the same boring outfit, and scrubs manufacturers are now more responsive to consumers’ desires to look their best, while still maintaining high standards of functionality required for the job. Consumers can now pick from a selection of styles and colors, from classic cuts to trendier pieces in solid shades or prints.

For over a decade, Blue Sky has been very involved in this process of wanting to offer medical staff high-quality clothing made in the USA that also looks and feels great. We got our start selling handmade cotton scrub hats, and- for over a decade- we’ve continued to offer them in a variety of bright, modern prints.

So, what’s so special, might you ask? To start, our poly-cotton-blend fabric is comfortable, wrinkle and fade resistant, and will not shrink in the wash. We’ve designed our scrubs to provide customized fits for every body type, and we also offer custom tailoring to ensure that we have something for everyone, from petite to plus sizes.

If you have any questions about a particular fit or feedback on the styles we offer, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. It’s our mission to help you show off your personal style at work—and feel comfortable and confident, too!