Scrubbing in This Summer? Choose the Perfect Scrub Cap

Scrubbing in This Summer? Choose the Perfect Scrub Cap

If you’re looking for a new scrub cap for summer, you’ve come to the right place: Blue Sky Co.! Here at Blue Sky Co., we have so many choices when it comes to colorful shades and patterns for your cap! We also have a differently styled cap for differently styled hair! So if you’re scrubbing in, let’s find you the perfect scrub cap; It starts with the Poppy, the Pixie, and the Pony. Don’t worry. You’re bound to find the right scrub cap for you.

The Poppy

We’ll start out with the Poppy cap, just for fun! This cap is our most versatile scrub cap. It suits virtually any hairstyle, short hair or long hair! It fits like a bouffant cap, and yes, it fits correctly. Find this cap in cool patterns like Farfalla; we just love those butterflies! Or try out this floral pattern, called Antonella. Can you ever have enough floral?

The Pixie

The Pixie scrub cap from Blue Sky Co. is great for short hair, or, as its name implies- pixie cuts! So if your hair is shorter and you’ve been looking for a stylish, well-fitting surgical cap, the Pixie is right for you. Check it out in the following patterns: Yoga Power, Blossoming Rose Plum, or even Bohemian Daydreamer. They’re all so adorable!

The Pony

Last, but certainly not least, we have our Pony scrub cap! It’s perfect for securing your ponytail back and away from your face while you’re working. You’ll be amazed at how well it fits, how good it feels, and how stylish you can make it! Try out this pattern (that you know we already love): Luminous Butterfly.

So no matter what type of hairstyle you have, you’re bound to find the perfect scrub cap here at Blue Sky Co.! Just log online today to view our collection, and of course, the many patterns we offer for your new scrub cap!