Scrub Hats

We spend a lot of time at work. Between picking up those extra shifts, staying late to make sure our patients are comfortable, and putting in more time than we ever imagined we would when we were training, our careers quickly become a huge part of our lives.

So it’s only natural that we would spend a lot of time in our uniforms. From tossing our clothes on when we’re half asleep, to being guilted into happy hour after work without a change of clothes, we spend more time than we’d care to admit in our scrubs. We fall asleep in them. We eat in them. We live in them!

Knowing this, it’s safe to say that you need our scrubs to stay comfortable, stylish, and professional even after your long, enduring shifts. But how do you find the perfect pair without breaking the bank?

At Blue Sky nursing uniforms we pride ourselves on our high quality, oh-so luxurious scrubs that don’t cost your entire paycheck. We have everything you’ll need in a uniform, from tops to bottoms, jackets to vests, and even hats (for whatever the day throws at you!). But more than that, we know that you want scrubs that are not only comfortable, but also to outlast more than just a few washes.

Our uniforms are made from polyester and cotton, so they’ll not only not shrink, but they’ll allow you to move flexibly as you go about your busy schedule! They’re wrinkle and fade resistant so they can keep up with all of the wear they’ll unexpectedly get. But the best part about our scrubs, besides the fact that they’re affordable, flexible, and long lasting? Is that they’re so comfortable you’ll never want to take them off!

Whether you’re slipping on one of our soft-shell jackets or just sporting our classic tops and pants, you’ll be amazed at how soft, comfortable, and durable our uniform pieces are.

So stop settling for uncomfortable and ordinary scrubs. Grab a pair of Blue Sky scrubs and learn what it feels like when luxury becomes affordable.