Scrub Hats for Every Hairstyle By Blue Sky Scrubs

Scrub Hats for Every Hairstyle By Blue Sky Scrubs

If you’re shopping for new scrub hats at Blue Sky Co., but you’re not sure which style scrub hat you need, we’re here to help you find the perfect cap that suits your hairstyle! So let’s jump right into our remarkably beautiful collection of scrub hats- we can’t wait to tell you all about them, and then oggle over picture-perfect patterns that will suit your style this summer! Ponytail, bun, short hair, long hair, we can accommodate it all!

Let us start by bragging about our collection as a whole. Our medical attire is made from the world’s finest fabrics, and we try to cater to your exact needs. Not only does this include making scrub uniforms and accessories that are luxurious and comfortable, but it also means offering customization options for scrubwear. So if there’s anything extra you need (like a pocket or two, or a longer pant length)- we’ve got you covered! Now, let’s move on to our ultra soft, ultra smooth-fitting scrub hats:

Long Hair, Don’t Care - The Poppy and Pony Scrub Hats

The poppy scrub hat fits like a bouffant cap, and is best for longer hairstyles! You’ll find plenty of space for your hair, and it’ll be safe and secure, and out of your way as you work. The same goes for the Pony; your ponytail will slip through the opening of this cap easily, and you’ll be amazed at how comfortable and effective it is.

Pixie Perfect Cuts - The Pixie Scrub Hat

For pixie hairstyles and shorter hair, the Pixie cap will suit you best! Your hair will be safely tucked underneath this cap’s secure flap, and you’ll look fabulous. Check this cap out in a multitude of beautiful patterns that will surely put a smile on your face, and the faces of your patients and coworkers, too!

View the entire collection of scrubwear online today- we can’t wait for you to visit!