Putting Your Retired Medical Scrubs to Work

While we typically recommend that medical scrubs are only worn for work (to keep them looking and feeling brand new), we can wear our retired scrubs for many other things besides work. Today, we’re touching on five different ways you can utilize those old scrubs!

DIY Projects

What are you currently DIY’ing? Scrubs are great for crafts and home improvement projects. Painting? Don a pair of old scrubs; there’s no sense in staining your jeans or that nice top. Plus, if you need to get on all fours at some point, you’re not wearing our your current scrubs!

Bathing the Pets

If your dog or cat needs a bath, scrubs are the perfect outfit for you! They’ll protect your street clothes from getting messy, and they’ll help keep you dry, too! Luckily with bathing your pets, mud stains are all you really need to worry about, and they come out easily so you can keep reusing your scrubs.

Washing the Car

When you’re washing your car and battling mud, grease, and dirty water, an old pair of scrubs is just what you need. Feel free to wipe your hands on your retired scrubs; they’ve seen their days of stains already.

Spring Cleaning

Whether you’re washing the dishes, dusting ceiling fans, or scrubbing tile, medical scrubs are a great outfit option (especially if you’re wearing a retired set of Blue Sky scrubs; their fabrics should be plenty flexible by now!).

Lounging Around

Believe it or not, medical scrubs can be incredibly comfortable. Especially if they’re Blue Sky scrubs! Our scrubs are made from the finest fabrics around the world, and some types are made with ultra stretch fabric! You can move around with ease… and lounge around!

Blue Sky Co. works hard to bring you quality medical scrubs. But when they wear out, we know you want to continue wearing them. So we hope we’ve inspired you to keep wearing your scrubs out, no matter how old they are!