Put Comfort First with Blue Sky's Classic Shelby Scrubs

Put Comfort First with Blue Sky's Classic Shelby Scrubs

Ladies, you’ll be amazed at the selection of medical scrubs available at Blue Sky Co.! If you’re

not already familiar with the revolutionary style, comfortable fit, and mobility found in our scrub uniforms, let us introduce you to our Classic Shelby scrubs! Shelby, Blue Sky’s creator, started all of this with a simple, customized scrub cap that eventually grew into an entire collection of medical scrubs, lab coats, jackets, vests, and so much more! It’s pretty amazing what we’ve accomplished thus far- and the scrubs created in her name will impress you beyond belief.

Classic Shelby Scrub Tops

Check out this Shelby scrub top in Calypso Blue.You’ll be as comfortable as ever, as they’re made with the finest fabric we could find around the world. Classic Shelby scrub tops feature fancy, white designer stitching, and of course the Blue Sky logo! They also have one utility chest pocket, and slits on the sides to help you move and twist around easily throughout your shift.

Of course, these scrubs are available in a multitude of colors, from Ceil Blue to Tigerlily- a tangerine color that looks beautiful with almost any scrub cap!

Classic Shelby Scrub Pants

Now of course we have to cover the bottoms or the set isn’t complete!

Feel like going into work looking sophisticated and professional? It’s certainly a pick-me-up! You’ll find that feeling in these classic Crimson Wine Shelby scrub pants. If you’re looking for a more neutral color, you can find that too, but we think these pants are a wonderful fashion statement. Featuring a relaxed, bootcut fit, and two back pockets with white designer stitching, we know you’ll love these pants. They fit comfortably and still allow you to look professional!

If you’re interested in the rest of our collection here at Blue Sky Co., just log onto our website. There, you’ll find more of these scrubs in different variations of colors and styles!