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Put a Smile on Patients' Faces with Blue Sky Scrubs

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It’s no secret that colors cheer us up, especially in bright, vibrant seasons such as Spring. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that wearing colorful, patterned, and themed scrub uniforms could potentially lighten the moods of your patients, and even make them smile! They appreciate the beautiful shades and patterns just as much as you do. Below we’ll take a glimpse at a few patterns that we find gorgeous- in the hopes that your patients will, too.

Vibrant Spring Solids

This Carnegie Shelby scrub top looks brilliant, unlike colors and shades such as black, grey, and the traditional white which we used to only wear. Blue Sky’s authentic, classy Shelby scrubs are wrinkle and fade-resistant, made with fabric so soft you’ll never want to not wear scrubs, and fit just right- or else, we’ll tailor them until they do.

Marisol Gold can be worn as a solid set or- if you want to get really festive, pair it with a set of pastel colored scrub pants. You may look like an Easter egg, but your patients will love it!

Sun Kissed Scarlet is a bright, deep pink that looks lovely and at the same time loving- to your patients, we mean. Consider a set of classic Shelby scrubs in this color.

Cheerful Patterns and Themes

Blue Sky Co. has a collection of scrub hats that will blow you out of the water! Our hats range from solid, to patterned, to themed for specific holidays. For instance, this Autumn Grandeur scrub hat would look great with any scrub set. And this scrub cap, called Bulbs Aglow, is Christmas-themed and would definitely make the kiddos laugh when it comes time for the season.

Whichever style or pattern of scrubs or caps you choose, we think you’ll love them and won’t regret any decisions. And remember, if it doesn’t fit flawlessly,we can fix that!