Public Fashion: Are Scrubs Appropriate?

Public Fashion: Are Scrubs Appropriate?

Your medical scrubs might be the most cozy part of your wardrobe, even more comfortable than your pajamas! On the weekends when you’re catching up on some Z’s, or after work when you’re too tired to change, it’s tempting to just waltz right out into public in your scrubs. We can’t say we’re surprised when we put so much work into bringing you the most luxurious, comfortable medical attire. However, is it safe, or appropriate to wear scrubs out in public?

Should You Wear Scrubs Out in Public?

The goal is to keep your scrubs as sterile as possible. Sterile scrubs will help keep the hospital environment free of contamination. For this reason, it’s wisest to avoid public places while you’re wearing them. You can never know how many germs you’re carrying into the hospital with you and it’s not worth the risk! So if you can help it, change into your scrubs and launder them while you’re at work.

Other Occasions for Wearing Scrubs

One reason why hospitals outfit their staff in scrubs is because they’re so easy to keep clean and launder; it’s no wonder why we feel it’s appropriate to wear them outside hospital walls. Ultimately, it’s probably safest to just leave your scrubs at work, and change into your street clothes after your shift. But wearing them outside of the hospital isn’t always avoidable; sometimes we forget to bring a change of clothes, or we’re just going inside the store for a “quick second!” You’re likely safe in these instances. Just try not to linger too long if you were recently handling a severely contagious patient.

There’s a reason why you want to wear your scrubs outside of your workplace! It’s because our scrubs are made with the highest quality fabric and are known for their luxury, style, and durability. You can learn more by visiting our website! Check out our many styles, colors, and patterns for scrub caps while you’re at it!