Properly Sizing Your Scrubs

Properly Sizing Your Scrubs

Selecting the proper size scrubs is important to ensuring that you feel comfortable and confident in your work attire. You might be unknowingly buying the wrong size, which may explain why you think a certain style doesn’t work on you, when it actually does! Here are some tips when considering what size scrubs are the best fit for you.

Double-Check Your Measurements

You know, just for good measure!

You might think you know your size, but take the extra step of double-checking your measurements. For example, you might be a medium in most of your favorite brands, but perhaps a certain scrub line or style runs big, or small. If you are curious and want to be extra thorough, try taking your measurements in the morning before breakfast, after you wake up, and again in the evening, before bed. See how the numbers compare.

When taking your measurements, use a fabric tape measure, and wear little to no clothing for better accuracy.

Utilize the Company’s Sizing Chart

It may get feel tiring and monotonous to continuously refer to several different sizing charts each time you want to order scrubs from a different company, but don’t skip this step. The charts are there for you to use as a helpful resource when placing your order. You can find Blue Sky Co.’s measuring guide here.

Don’t Be Shy- Ask Questions!

If anything is unclear in the sizing chart, and you are unsure what size to order, contact Blue Sky Co., and ask for assistance!

Check the return policy.

Familiarize yourself with the company’s return policy, in case you do need to return something that doesn’t fit correctly or comfortably. Avoid any surprises that may affect your purchase decision from the get-go. You can find our return and exchange policy here.

Happy shopping!